ITN Architecture Builds a Place with Unobstructed Views

 - Aug 23, 2014
References: itnarchitects & designboom
Trying to build an abode with absolutely no obstructions in the way of a view can be difficult at times, but ITN Architecture managed to complete the Great Ocean Road House so that the owners can constantly see their surroundings.

The house is made from a timber material, making the abode appear more like a cabin than a full-time residency (however a very upscale cabin). The design is rectangular in shape, with a deck area so that people can look out on the ocean and other stunning views. What makes this place so significant is how every single room can look out at the outside area, with no obstructions. Even when it's cold outside individuals can still feel like they are in a bit of nature.

Photo Credits: designboom, itnarchitects