The DestapaBanana Fills Banana Fruits Up with Delicious Syrup Flavors

 - Aug 12, 2014
References: destapabanana & firstwefeast
If you love to snack on banana fruits but you're finding the taste is getting a little boring, the DestapaBanana is a great gadget to have to up the flavor intake in your next potassium-filled snack.

The DesapaBanana is a nifty little injector that is perfect for filling up bananas with fun flavored syrups like chocolate or Dulce de Leche. Inventor Argentine Sebastian Burger created the DesapaBanana to allow consumers to inject their bananas with the peel still on. The gadget perfectly pierces the banana down the center with a small, tube-like hole. The hole can then be filled with all sorts of syrups like chocolate, marshmallow, strawberry or butter scotch. You can freeze the bananas too for a healthy popsicle alternative.