From Savory Vegetable Yogurts to Organic Grain Yogurts

 - Oct 7, 2015
These unexpected yogurt varieties are ideal for health-conscious consumers looking for a new way to enjoy their favorite snack. In recent years, yogurt has developed a reputation for being a nutritious alternative to other pre-packaged snacks. From dairy-free options to unusual flavors, brands have found new ways of making yogurt accessible to a greater number of consumers.

One of the major innovations in the yogurt industry has been the effort to cater to those who cannot consume dairy. Whether a person is lactose-intolerant or simply cutting back on milk products, dairy-free yogurt has become a popular option for many consumers. Instead of dairy, many of these yogurt varieties are made with alternative ingredients such as almonds, cashews and even coconuts.

Aside from catering to those following restricted diets, yogurt companies have also sought to appeal to those who prefer savory over sweet. While yogurt traditionally has a subtle sweetness to it, many brands have manipulated the flavor of their products to create a more savory snack. For example there are Mediterranean yogurts that can be used for cooking, as well as vegetable-infused yogurts that mimic the taste of healthy smoothies.