Stonyfield Organic's Pomegranate Raspberry Acai Blend is Fat-Free

 - Jun 23, 2015
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Stonyfield Organic's superfood yogurt range includes this Pomegranate Raspberry Acai blend that is not only nutritious but also fat-free. The probiotic snack is a great morning treat and is a healthier snack than yogurts that feature artificial fruit flavors or added sweeteners.

While yogurt is considered a superfood in itself, this exotic fruit blend is even more charged with vitamins. The natural snack is 100% natural and is free from added preservatives.

Each of Stonyfield Organic's superfood yogurt packages feature fruit that is sourced from fair trade farms around the globe. In addition to the brand's Pomegranate Raspberry Acai flavors, some of its other best-sellers include its Blueberry, Chocolate and Strawberry yogurt blends that marry great taste with healthy ingredients.