This Creamy Yogurt is Perfect for Preparing Sweet or Savory Recipes

'White Moustache' is now producing a traditional Persian yogurt that is made using ancient techniques. With its creamy and saucy consistency, this yogurt is perfect for preparing both sweet and savory recipes.

The Perisian yogurts are made from whole milk, which has been sourced from a sustainable dairy farm in New York’s Hudson River Valley. Aside from whole milk, the only other ingredient added to the yogurt is probiotic cultures. This means that the White Moustache yogurts contain no preservatives, sweeteners, vitamins, salt or cream. Each batch is handmade using old world techniques, which helps to produce natural yogurt with a thick and saucy consistency.

Beyond Parisian yogurt, White Moustache also produces a number of other artisanal yogurts, including Greek yogurt and a middle-eastern yogurt called Labneh.