Blue Hill's Latest Product is Made for On-the-Go Drinking

 - Sep 4, 2015
References: foodnavigator-usa
Blue Hill unveiled its latest line of savory yogurts which are sold in a convenient, on-the-go drinking package. This handy packaging concept allows consumers to grab a quick and delicious breakfast without being late for work.

The goal for this product is to give consumers a simplified snack and breakfast option that is ideal for on-the-go drinking. The incredibly healthy fruit and veggie yogurts will be produced in a lighter and more liquefied form. This new consistency is much easier to consume without losing its health benefits.

The savory yogurts will be released for purchase in January of 2016. Blue Hill has confirmed that the idea for these tasty breakfast options was inspired by social media posts that featured people with DIY smoothies, made with Blue Hill products. In order to simplify the act of creating a smoothie, these drinkable yogurts are the perfect alternative to blended beverages and are geared towards consumers who lead a busy lifestyle.