These Nutritious Snacks are Enriched with Protein, Vitamins and More

 - Nov 5, 2015
Rather than opting to buy supplements that provide vitamins and minerals that may be missed between meals, consumers are opting to buy nutritious snacks. As well as being rich in things like protein and fiber, one of the biggest reasons consumers gravitate towards these nourishing snacks is for the flavor and enjoyment that they wouldn't otherwise get from swallowing a capsule.

Familiar products like potato chips, truffles, snack bars and nut mixes are being urther enhanced with ingredients that satisfy daily nutritional requirements, without compromising on taste. To discourage feelings of guilt when indulging in caramels and chocolate-covered treats, thinkThin brands its confections as 'Protein Bites' that are high in both protein and fiber.

Since many people now favor eating multiple meals of smaller portions throughout the day, nutritious snack options like these are the perfect complement to a well-rounded diet.