These Skyr Yogurt Smoothies are Fat-Free, Gluten-Free and High in Protein

 - Jun 18, 2015
References: bmoreorganic & trndmonitor
'B'more Organic' is now producing line of healthy and nutritious skyr yogurt smoothies. Unlike other smoothie drinks, the B'more Organic products are made from skyr, which is a popular Icelandic-style yogurt.

While Skyr looks and tastes like Greek yogurt, it is actually a more nutritious choice of yogurt. In contrast to Greek yogurt, Skyr is very low in sugar and completely fat-free. Skyr is also rich in calcium and contains the perfect ratio of protein to carbs. In fact, one drink alone contains a third of your daily protein. Skyr is also low in lactose, which means the B'more Organic smoothies are an appropriate choice for those who may be lactose sensitive.

The skyr yogurt smoothies come in four delicious flavors including Mango Banana, Vanilla, Banana and Caffe Latte.