From Organic Hemp Milks to Vegan Whipped Mousse Toppings

 - Oct 27, 2015
These unexpected dairy alternatives range from vegan whipped mousse toppings to organic hemp beverages that are a nutritious alternative to a classic glass of milk. In addition to targeting those with a lactose intolerance, these products and recipes are also ideal for individuals adhering to a strict, vegan diet.

In addition to being a healthier alternative to traditional dairy, these examples also don't skip out on taste. While popular beverage brand Jamba Juice recently replaced its dairy-infused fruit smoothies with an almond milk alternative, the makers of nutpods have created a dairy-free cream additive for vegan coffee drinkers.

In addition to investing in quality ingredients, artisanal donut shops and ice cream manufacturers are also ensuring that their menu is packed with delicious dairy alternatives. Furthermore, hummus dips and healthy yogurts are also getting a dairy-free overhaul with unexpected cashew, potato and raw key lime ingredients.