Rebel Kitchen's Vegan Coconut Milk Drinks Take on Decadent Flavoring

Coffee and chocolate are weaknesses for just about everyone, which makes Rebel Kitchen's dairy free vegan coconut milk—or "mylk"—super tempting for vegans and omnivores alike. In addition to these indulgent flavors, health-conscious people will be drawn to the ultra pure ingredient list, which includes a base of filtered water, coconut milk and nectar from dates. In terms of flavoring, naturally, the coffee version of the drink includes coffee and the chocolate version is made with cacao.

These simplicity of the mylk drinks help them to fall into many categories that will make health nuts super happy, such as being non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, organic and nut-free. Additionally, there are no refined sugars, preservatives or stabilizers to be found in this coconut-based dairy-free vegan drink.