From Christmas Beverage Desserts to Chilled Gingerbread Cocktails

 - Dec 29, 2015
Even though Christmas Day has come and gone, there is still a limited amount of time left to enjoy the extremely divisive holiday beverage with this wide variety of eggnog recipes.

Some adventurous bloggers are experimenting with new ways to concoct the creamy drink, some by taking food allergies and lifestyle choices into account, while others are simply adding alcohol or otherwise adding fun ingredients to their eggnog recipes. This includes boozy pistachio eggnogs, boozy cider nogs and nutty vegan eggnogs.

Others are adding the libation to festive desserts, which adds an extra seasonal element to a holiday meal. Eggnog poke cakes, paleo eggnog cakes and eggnog almond scones are all examples of this.

Other eggnog-based foods are meant to make mornings more merry, with breakfast-appropriate additions like smoothies, waffles and oatmeal with the drink incorporated.