Brent Rose's Happy Hour Post is Scientifically Precise

 - Dec 27, 2012
References: gizmodo & gizmodo
Writer Brent Rose's Scientific Formula for Perfect Eggnog review adds elements of mathematical precision to the classic holiday drink. The piece is a part of Gizmodo's Happy Hour column which documents a series of unusual drinks, many of which follow festive ques.

Rose points out a handful of insightful tips that most remain entirely unaware of when making eggnog. The beverage is made primarily of milk which consists of 87% water and 13% fat, sugar and proteins. The addition of alcohol to the dairy product beholds multiple pH considerations.

While milk sits at approximately 6.7 on the scale, booze is typically in the 3 and 4 range. Brandy, bourbon and rum, the liquor that is most often added to the cups, can as such effect the balance of the mixture dramatically.