The Not Martha DIY Cookie Houses are an Adorable Addition to Any Drink

While biscuits usually have reserved space on saucers, the Not Martha DIY Cookie Houses elevate the holiday sweet to the mug’s edge. Designed to perch on the edge of morning mugs of hot chocolate, tea or apple cider, this seasonally spiced coffee will add cheer to the holidays.

The Not Martha DIY Cookies Houses feature intricate dwelling details like a chimney, a roof sprinkled with sugar to resemble a fresh snow fall and a door, which acts as the perch. These adorable add-ons can be made using gingerbread dough or sugar cookie dough, but in staying with the Christmas spirit one should opt for the gingerbread flavor. Liven up the holiday and infuse some seasonal spirit with these modest miniature abodes on your morning mug of eggnog or espresso.