From Chocolate Pork Pastries to Baked Pasta Poppers

 - Dec 9, 2014
While you could easily celebrate National Pastry day with a conventional cake or confection, these unusual pastry desserts are way more fun to eat. Rather than being filled with something sweet like fruit, cream or jam, some of the most unexpected pastry creations are stuffed instead with things like pork, turkey, pasta, or sometimes, other small pastries. Even if you're not feeling adventurous enough to explore the more savory side of baked treats, there are plenty of creations that will still sate your need for something new, like the Cronut or other hybrid treats that bring together two good things.

Some of the most festive treats for the holiday season are the vibrant red and green Pierre Hermé pastries, or desserts that rethink classic pumpkin pie as cakes, cupcakes or puddings topped with crust.