These Hand Pies are a Crafty Way to Enjoy Mini Delicious Pastries

It's not a stretch to say that pie is delicious, but for those who love the pastry but don't have the time or stomach capacity to handle a whole pie, these hand pies are an excellent alternative. Veronica Sheppard at the Vegetarian Ginger has put her own twist on the delicious miniature treat.

For the casual dessert connoisseur, sweet, and savory is the order of the day, but for the more shrewd, baker salt can be a powerful weapon. Veronica Sheppard is certainly the latter, and these sweet, and salty hand pies are proof.

The pies would have stood on their own as miniature delicious confectioneries, but the sea salt and salted caramel sauce takes the dessert to a whole new level. The instructions are easy and the ingredients are simple. Sheppard is masterful in the kitchen, and these pies are proof.