This Autumn Appropriate Cupcake Amps Up a Confetionary Carnival Classic

 - Sep 15, 2014
References: instagram & thatsnerdalicious
One sure-fire way to tell that a change in seasons is upon us is the event known as the fall fair and the delicious foods that follow it, which apparently now includes the funnel cake cupcake. This particular recipe is from My Delight Cupcakery, an award-winning mother-daughter pastry partnership based out of Ontario, California. By combining a fall fair food staple (funnel cake) with a universally loved miniature cake, the Cupcakery creates an extra sweet bite for fair-goers to enjoy on the go.

This funnel cake cupcake specifically is being featured at the LA County Fair in addition to several other specialty flavors. This includes Jack and Cherry Coke, Bacon Delight and Chocolate-Covered Potato Chip. They also have more traditional flavors like caramel cheesecake.