Mikes Miscellaneous Mondays Creates the World's Greatest Canolli

Mikes Miscellaneous Mondays has come out with its first blog post and it’s a biggie (literally). The blog's creator Michael Richardson has made a massive canolli that is stuffed with other little canollis.

The dessert creation looks absolutely delicious with smooth cream just waiting to be bitten into. The humongous pastry also has powdered sugar sprinkled on top to make anyone’s mouth water. Mike managed to fit ten smaller canollis inside the larger one, leaving little room to spare. The larger canolli was just for show and Mike commented that it looked fantastic at the buffet it served at.

Mikes Miscellaneous Mondays is sure to gain a following after posting this canolli-stuffed cannoli. Hopefully Mike will start releasing other food inside food creations.