The Twinkirito Recipe is a Simple Decadent Dessert

 - Jul 10, 2014
References: ohbiteit & neatorama
The latest dessert hybrid will blow people's minds; the Twinkirito recipe is not only too incredible to comprehend, it is also very easy to make. Perhaps the next cronut, it takes deep-fried treats to another level. Combining a Twinkie with a burrito, but using a spring roll pastry sheet instead of a more traditional bread wrap, the Twinkirito recipe requires only a few short steps.

After purchasing a box of Twinkies, the Twinkirito recipe simply requires people to cover each one with a pastry sheet. Then it is dunk into a pot of boiling oil. Once browned and crispy, it is pulled out and sprinkled with powder sugar. The Twinkirito recipe is perfect for all sorts of occasions, in the summer and winter. Of course, people won't be able to eat it all the time.