The Constant Comment Tea Cupcake is Infused with the Hot Beverage

 - Jun 18, 2011
References: instructables & instructables
The Constant Comment Tea Cupcake is absolutely tealicious. The tea-infused cupcake recipe was conceived by Instructables user drascombe, who decided to make a "trendy cupcake." The cupcakes are easy to make, with just a bit of a flavor enhanced milk -- or "tea-milk," rather. The milk is heated and then, with butter-covered tea bags, the milk and tea brew for about 10 minutes. After the whole batter is made, the concoction is poured into tea cups and baked. While waiting, drascombe decided to add a set of proverbs to dangle from the delicate cupcakes. Decorate as desired, add the stringed proverb and voila, it's ready to serve.

The Constant Comment Tea Cupcake is the perfect dessert to serve up at teatime or as an evening treat before bed.