- Apr 10, 2014
Fresh fruit are an important part of anyone's diet, and companies in the food and household product design companies know that there will always be a market for products that aid in the purchase, storage, preparation and consumption of fresh fruit.

These companies have come up with an unbelievable diverse and imaginative range of products including different kinds of fruit stickers, fruit-picking contraptions and fruit storage solutions ranging from the strictly functional to the stylish and decorative.

There is also a wide range of products to assist people in the preparation of fruit-based recipes, including different kinds of slicers, cutters, juicers and related appliances. There are even handy storage products for storing half-eaten fruit, and high-tech solutions to either prevent fresh fruit from going bad or warn people when they do.

There are even fresh fruit innovations that don't center on the consumption of the fruit themselves, but rather try to infuse the goodness of fresh fruit into beverages.

From Digestable Smart Stickers to Direct Fruit Sippers: