Juicer for Six Dispenses Delicious Nutritious Drinks into Wedged Cups

 - Feb 5, 2013
References: talderry
Appliances that perform similar tasks to the Juicer for Six tend to be much more utilitarian in form. Evidently, this contraption employs a time-tested shape and method for getting the most out of your citrus fruits, but it has also been aesthetically considered with inspiration from the very items it prepares.

Tal Derry's electronic squeezer has been modeled after an orange. It's nearly spherical, has orange-colored accents and it even divvies up into slices. These wedge-shaped compartments are transparent, enabling you to get a good look at the vitamin-rich liquid coming out of your ingredients. Most significantly, once the preparation process is over, the half-dozen sections of the Juicer for Six function as cups to serve up freshly-squeezed juice to half a dozen people.