The Newton Fruit Holder Arranges Snacks Vertically for Ordered Retrieval

 - May 9, 2013
When many people replenish their supply of produce, they end up piling fresh pieces on top of older ones in the fruit bowl. Unlike countertop containers, the Newton Fruit Holder does not make it more effort to dig up and chow down on the ripest goods that you've got; it allows you to access your apples from the bottom.

Designed by Umut Demirel, this kitchen fixture is an open tube that you mount vertically on the wall. Generous enough gaps have been left at the top and the bottom of it to allow for the respective insertion and the withdrawal of your tree-grown treats. At the base of the Newton Fruit Holder is a curvature to the compartment that prevents items from simply falling out. Pluck your orange from the stopper and the next one will settle down in its place.