The Peter Hils Foodbowl Displays Your Fruit Through Floating Hexagons

 - Oct 11, 2012
References: thefancy
Display your fruits with futuristic flair when you use the Peter Hils Foodbowl. The honeycomb shapes that make up the bowl are held together by very small pieces of plastic making them appear to be floating in place, as if created using technology from the future.

The geometric outlines act as windows to display the items within the bowl and are large enough to hold substantially sized foods like fruits and veggies. With hexagons and pentagons in the mix, the buyer gets to assemble the bowl themselves, placing each shape where they see fit and thus creating their own variation of the Foodbowl honeycomb pattern. The silicone padding on the bottom of the bowl ensures a stable base.

Present your food in the Peter Hils Foodbowl for a different take on the classic fruit bowl.