The Tree Fruit Picker is Handy and Convenient

 - Sep 23, 2013
References: gardeners & thegreenhead
For those who enjoy harvesting, the Tree Fruit Picker may be just what you need in your life. This handy tool allows you to reach those high-top fruits without the use of a ladder.

Made up of an 8 foot wooden handle, the device features a basket and tongs that allow you to ‘pick’ the fruit up top. The tongs have the ability to wrap around most fruits and after picking, the fruits are then securely dropped into a padded cushioned basket down below. This allows the fruit to be bruise and blemish-free.

For ambitious people, feel free to pick fruit in sequence—the fruit basket can hold up to three medium apples at a time. Its lightweight and durable construction make the Tree Fruit Picker an ideal choice amongst harvesters.