Tutti Frutti Glass Sculptures by Fabrica are Beautifully Fragile

 - Dec 4, 2012
References: mocoloco
Tutti Frutti Glass Sculptures by Fabrica are a modernistic approach to produce containers that choose to flaunt the fruit as opposed to hide it away.

The collection features a number of delicate glass pieces that hold fruit in obscure ways that are more artistic than functional. Many of the pieces hold a striking resemblance to other kitchen staples like martini glasses and stir sticks, but combine them in ways that are both strong in silhouette and dainty in design.

While they're not meant for the average kitchen, the Tutti Frutti Glass Sculptures hang and pierce fruits to showcase the beauty of fresh produce by utilizing clear glass. Fabrica explains that the collection is, "in a perfect balance between the multicoloured verve of different fruits and the fragility of glass."