From Cow-Inspired Milk Jugs to Drunken Slanted Stemware

 - Nov 20, 2013
When it comes to stocking up on essential kitchenware items, drinking glasses are often must-have items, and these quirky glassware designs are offering some creative ways to add playful humor to the process.

While clear and transparent glasses often offer simple and minimalist design aesthetics to any ordinary kitchen, these quirky glassware designs are more for homeowners who enjoy featuring eccentric and wacky references at home. Featuring all sorts of comical shapes and designs such as vintage cassette tapes, robotic movie characters, slanted shapes and abstract forms, these quirky glassware designs are sure to add some unique personal touches to any simple kitchen collection. Ideal for any individual looking to infuse their eclectic personality into useful household items, these quirky glassware designs will certainly make drinking beverages a lot more fun.