The Fragile Studios 'Saturn Wine Glasses' Prevents Imbibing Accidents

 - Jan 21, 2012
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Unscrew a cork of your favorite perfect-bodied Pinot or a succulent Sauvignon Blanc and pour it into one of the Fragile Studios 'Saturn Wine Glasses' to be free from any spilling scares.

Designer Christopher Yamane created the smart stemless pieces that are gorgeously glassblown to create the optimal shape. Each sipper has a protruding frame that encircles the lower half of the cup, acting as both a supportive lip and an ideal fill line. A set of four carries a $150 price tag, but that's peanuts when you think of how much you'll save in carpet-cleaning expenses on those rowdy nights your guests are drinking red.

The Fragile Studios 'Saturn Wine Glasses' are such cleverly crafted kitchenware, that everyone will want to top 'em up and test 'em out!