From Mason Jar Sharpeners to Upcycled Glass Planters

 - Aug 22, 2014
Offering more than your ordinary food storing capabilities, these unique mason jar products are showcasing how you can creatively transform rustic glass containers into a variety of useful household products.

With sustainability becoming a more dominant aspect of people's lives, recycling everyday products like food jars is a fantastic way to integrate eco-friendly methods into your lifestyle. A great alternative to throwing them out, these eclectic jar creations will offer some insightful tips on how to reuse these products. These unexpected mason jar products include everything from handcrafted speakers to pencil sharpeners and lighting solutions, allowing homeowners to showcase their affinity for creatively customized decor.

Perfect for those looking to add some individuality to their ordinary home decor, these unexpected mason jar products will help to add a wonderfully rustic touch to any room.