This ‘Kosta Boda’ Fox Glass Looks Like There is a Creature in

 - May 14, 2013
References: heals
The ‘Kosta Boda’ fox glass makes finishing your drink the most exciting part. This excitement is namely due to the fact that a fox’s head appears to emerge from the bottom and might nab your nose. Designed by Ernst Billgren, one of Sweden’s most remarkable modern artists, this exclusive glass is both a piece of art and a means to play pranks.

Billgren not only designed the Kosta Boda fox glass, but created a complete series of glasses with a variety of other animals. However, these glasses are not an investment that can be made by all because the purchase is a pricey one at $167 per glass.  This new series titled ‘New Friends’ allows Billgren a lover of nature, art and unconventional humor to combine all three into a collection of mouth-blown Swedish crystal tumblers.