Snowman Salt Shakers Come with a Trusty Nose Plug to Seal the Contents

 - Dec 3, 2012
References: perpetualkid
It's quite ironic that this seasoning dispenser is in the shape of Frosty, considering salt dissolves ice, but the snowman salt shakers would be a great addition to the dinner table.

The jolly soul might take a little tumble with all the mouth-watering dishes being passed around the dinner table this Christmas, which is why the clever design incorporates a plug for the snowman salt shakers. The carrot nose plugs the mouth of the dispenser to prevent any unwanted messy accidents at the meal. The dispenser is hand-blown from clear borosilicate glass, which gives Frosty an extra strong and elegant icy layer, protecting him from any unnecessary falls over the table. Kids can enjoy Salty the Snowman at the dinner tables too, adding their own salt, or snow, to their favorite dishes.