Gumdesign's Calici Caratteriali Collection Brings Pizzazz to the Wine Glass

 - Sep 7, 2011
References: & design-milk
Gumdesign unveiled their mind-bending Calici Caratteriali Collection for the Macet Home Show in Milan earlier this month. These experimental wine glasses embrace the quirky imperfections of humanity and gain a good dose of personality as they bulge, shift and strain against the confines of their original quiet design. The glasses refuse to be a mere copy in an identical crowd.

By focusing on the minute differences that make people individuals, Gumdesign claims they have created, "seven wine glasses with human characteristics: the introvert, the extrovert, the passionate, the altruistic, the ambiguous, the conservative and the relaxed." Through these different compositions, Gumdesign strives to provide wine connoisseurs with a fresh approach to the consumption of the heady beverage, offering the drinker a different experience when sipping their usual Merlot.

The Calici Caratteriali Collection begs one to step outside the confines of comfort and embrace what makes people individuals. So let your freak flag fly and enjoy a glass of the good stuff on the way.