The Sede Carafe Seems to Sag Beneath the Weight of its Own Spout

 - Dec 19, 2012
References: & industrialdesignserved
In the Sede Carafe, the user is reminded of the physical properties of glass and the manufacturing process of the material. When heated, it becomes quite soft and malleable, enabling the artist to manipulate its shape for strict symmetry or creative abstraction.

In this case, the two delightful decanters have been seemingly completed but not instantly cooled, and left to droop slightly with lopsided drops of their open spouts. This distorted formal manipulation does nothing to negatively affect the pieces' functionalities and rather serves to influence their aesthetic appeal in a positive way.

Juxtaposing the poise and rationality of typical wineglasses, these Sede Carafes by Gonçalo Campos animate what could otherwise be too proper a dining table setup. They bring a bit of fun to sipping cabernet sauvignons and their shapes foreshadow the loose mental experience of later in the night.