The mkwATELIER Collection is Inspired by Jackson Pollock

 - Jun 24, 2012
References: etsy
These artistic pieces by mkwATELIER are inspired by the influential American painter known as Jackson Pollock who is an abstract expressionist. He is well known for creating artworks made by splashing and dribbling paint onto surfaces.

The glassware pieces seen in this collection are the result of the artistry of two designers by the name of Shelley Koscielniak and April Wind. They like to create pieces that are vintage yet eclectic and contemporary; they carry a range of products from home decor to jewelry.

The materials used in this collection include semi-precious stones, mixed metals, crystals, chains and clay that are carefully dripped onto the glassware to create intriguing designs. In order to achieve such a diverse product line, several different techniques are used when created the products, from weaving to sculpting.