The Decales Collection by Laurence Brabant is Quirkily Balanced

 - Jun 8, 2012
References: laurencebrabant & productdose
The is something slightly off about the pieces that make up the Decales Collection. Oh yes, they are all off-center slightly, throwing off the equilibrium of each glassware without actually compromising their balance. Quirky and playful, the Decales Collection is still very classy and elegant. It is almost as if a hand slipped by accident in the glassblowing session. Perfect for style-minded individuals as well as family homes, this glassware will add interest to any kitchen and dining set.

The Decales Collection was conceived and created by French designer Laurence Brabant. Hand-made and mouth-blown, the pieces are crafted out of either colorless or grey Pyrex. The Decales Collection is comprised of drinking glasses and bowls (both of which are available in three different sizes) as well as a carafe.