Add Some Retro Charm to Your Kitchenware with These Mixtape Glasses

 - Oct 19, 2013
References: uncommongoods
If you're looking to pay tribute to technological gadgets of the past in a fun and humorous way, then these Mixtape Glasses will allow you to serve drinks with a hint of retro charm.

These vintage glassware designs all feature images of retro cassette tapes on the front, allowing drinkers to instantly become nostalgic about how music used to be played way back when. A great way to turn an ordinary kitchenware product into a fun conversation starter, these cassette tape glasses will definitely make having a drink something to remember. Even featuring the iconic blank lines at the top allowing drinkers to write messages or their names on it, these Mixtape Glasses will surely make any party a nostalgic experience.

A great way to re-introduce past musical devices to a generation that may not be as familiar with it, these cassette tape glasses are sure to add a humorous touch to any social occasion.