Tipsy Glasses by Loris & Livia Make You Feel Five Drinks Ahead

 - May 29, 2012
References: lorisetlivia
Designed primarily for the consumption of beverages of the alcoholic persuasion, these Tipsy Glasses by Loris&Livia have taken on exaggerated distortions comparable to the warped visions associated with excessive drinking.

Manipulating the iconic 250mL Duralex Picardie tumblers was a challenge proposed by DesignMarketo, and the response from Swiss duo was a clean and clever one. They put the fluted drinking vessels into a kiln and heated to their material's melting point so to produce an organic and unique disfigurement of each cup.

Tipsy Glasses by Loris&Livia came out looking like quite playful tabletop pieces. They have not been warped to a point beyond recognition and most of them function very effectively as to their original purpose. The slumping, sagging and buckling sides of the glassware only makes them amusing gauges of drunkenness -- the moment when you perceive them as regular dishes.