The Kiosk 'Citra Sipper' is a Dream Come True for Many

The Kiosk 'Citra Sipper' is a very direct way to drink juice. Essentially a very strong straw, the device allows customers to drink straight out of a grapefruit or orange. Though it could technically be used on many fruits, grapefruits and oranges are thought to be the most ideal candidates for sipping. Almost too good to be true, the straw is a simple plastic creation that's actually been around since 1933. Perhaps the freshest possible way of drinking fruit juice, this is sure to appeal to thirsty consumers who find themselves on-the-go often.

This device could very well appeal to youngsters, given the easy-to-use nature of the device and the inherent fun in how creative the product is. Priced at around $4 a pop, the Kiosk 'Citra Sipper' is an affordable alternative to juicing.