The Sink Drainer Cutting Board Strains Juicy Fruits and Vegetables

 - Dec 8, 2011
References: uncommongoods
Not every culinary concoction is made better by the addition of veggie juice and leftover rinsing water, which is where the Sink Drainer Cutting Board comes in handy. The clever product incorporates its own perforated plug to allow you to strain your succulent ingredients before tipping them into the skillet.

The smooth bamboo surface is perfect for cutting fruits and vegetables into appropriate sizes for simple snacking or recipes. Beneath the faucet, smaller items like berries and grapes can be washed and sifted of excess H2O within the chopping board's silicone strainer. Meanwhile, the other half of the panel may rest securely on the side of the basin for dicing apples and melons. The Sink Drainer Cutting Board is convenient in use and compact in storage, as the sieve cup buckles within the wood's circular opening when not in use.