The Crema Chile Grapefruit Brûlée is Delectably Tart

 - Jul 24, 2012
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The Chile Grapfruit Brûlée is a mélange of two delectable dessert worlds: fresh fruit and caramelized sugar.

The delicacy is an eclectic fusion of spiciness, tartness and sweetness. This represents the maturing taste preferences of society. With more people exposed to the different cultures all over the world through travel and migration, many people have come to appreciate new dishes and cuisines. As a result, the phenomenon of fusion foods, be it Asian-Western or Indian-Mexican, has blown up on the kitchen scene. The grapefruit creme brûlée mix is just an another example of an adventurous food that mixes both dessert genres and unconventional tastes.

Looking forward, the food industry will continue to be an exciting place to be as supported by eager chefs and a growing breed of daring eaters.