The ‘Lick The Spoon’ Rasberry Lemonade Slice Offers Ta

Whoever said lemonade can only be enjoyed in a glass has not seen or tasted the ‘Lick The Spoon’ Rasberry Lemonade Slice’ recipe. Why quench your thirst, when you can satisfy your previously insatiable sweet tooth with this tangy tart?

Give your taste buds the attention they crave and rightfully deserve with the Lick The Spoon Rasberry Lemonade recipe. This delightful dessert item can be served in a variety of ways that will have dessert-lovers coming back for seconds. Ideal for weddings, cocktail parties and luncheons, this lemon-fused pastry is the perfect companion to a cup of English tea or freshly ground coffee.

Combine raspberries, vanilla, sugar, lemons and a variety of other ingredients and get ready to enjoy the sweetly tangy taste of perfection.