Fetching Fantasico Domestico Animal Fruit Bowls

 - Apr 5, 2011
References: fabrica.asia & mocoloco
Many can't help that their home exists within rigid rectilinear spaces, but items like these Fantasico Domestico animal fruit bowls allow homemakers the opportunity to make lifeless rooms a little more lighthearted.

The playful project is the result of a collaboration between Valentina Carretta and Fabrico and designed for Seletti. Illustrations have been drawn up to show that white wireframe baskets have also been planned for production in the form of a pig, a rabbit and a chicken, in addition to the whale provided in the images. The whale's mouth is wide open to receive fresh fruit and vegetables for display on your kitchen counter, though it's uncertain just where the other Fantasico Domestico animal fruit bowls will embrace such items.