These 'Mince Flies' Normalize Eating a Bug as a Source of Holiday Protein

 - Nov 29, 2014
References: youtube
Some people are disgusted by the idea of eating fruitcake over the holidays, but how do you feel about eating a bug-infused pie? According to The Big Bang UK, "Mince Flies" may be the food of the future.

The unique mince pies were created to raise awareness about sources of protein that come from insects like mealworm beetle larvae and locusts, rather than turkey, ham or goose. The stunt from The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair saw kids from the Harris Academy Greenwich and Graveney School handing out their bug-filled Mince Flies to shoppers in London’s Borough Market. Although there are already billions of people eating insects regularly, increased population, finite resources and the heavy weight the production of meat puts on the earth, these Mince Flies could become a much more sustainable source of protein for upcoming holiday seasons.