These Japanese Rice Cakes are Decorated to Look Like Cartoons

 - Sep 15, 2014
References: twitter & designtaxi
These adorably designed Japanese rice cakes take on the persona of various cartoon characters, from the Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles to manga roles and video game avatars such as Pikachu. Created by Otakumi Wagasi, the tasty treats known as 'wagashi' are a traditional Japanese pastry. The confectioner puts a fun pop culture spin on the desserts by recreating characters from Power Rangers, Disney's Frozen and Pixar's Monsters Inc. among others.

While the creatively decorated Japanese rice cakes look like Olaf or Mike Wazowski on the outside, inside they are filled with rice paste and sweet white bean paste that will satisfy any sweet tooth. The creator continues to post his deliciously cute creations on his Twitter account on an ongoing basis.