Chocolate Hemp Bliss is an Organic Hemp Drink and Milk Replacement

 - Dec 1, 2014
References: manitobaharvest & manitobaharvest
Manitoba Harvest's Chocolate Hemp Bliss is an organic hemp drink that acts as a nutrituous dairy alternative. The creamy and delicious product is infused with omegas and can be consumed both while hot or cold.

Whether consumed with one's morning cereal or used as a healthy smoothie additive, this organic hemp drink is a great milk replacement. The vegan-friendly beverage is healthy, delicious and fresh, meaning it must be consumed within a week before expiry.

The organic product is a favorite for lattes and smoothies and is a dairy alternative with a surprisingly great taste. Morning Harvest's organic hemp drink is available in four flavors that include an original and unsweetened original, a vanilla and this chocolate flavor that is definitely a fan favorite.