This Dairy-Free Milk is Made with High-Quality Cashews and Almonds

 - Aug 26, 2015
References: omilknyc & trndmonitor
For those looking for a dairy-free alternative to conventional milk, nut milks are the way to go and OMilk makes conveniently packaged bottles that are ideal for drinking on-the-go or for single serve portions.

Despite the brand name, OMilk does not contain any milk in it. Instead, the dairy-free milk is sourced from nuts like almonds and cashews that have be ground up, strained and blended with water and added flavors to create a protein-filled beverage. OMilk sells several dairy-free blends including a cashew milk made from Madagascar vanilla bean that can be enjoyed as a snack, almond milk idea for cooking and adding to cerel and cold-brew coffee almond milk for a caffeinated dairy-free substitute. All of the beverages are made with local products and fresh ingredients.