This Donut Recipe is a Low Carb Option That Satisfies Cravings

 - Apr 14, 2015
References: the-lowcarb-diet
This recipe for mini cinnamon donuts is courtesy of The Low Carb Diet blog. Fans of the iconic dessert can rejoice thanks to this low carb option that is perfect for those on a diet. This healthier alternative to traditional cinnamon donuts is made with a blend of almond flour, vanilla protein powder, egg, salt and cinnamon.

The sugar-free dessert recipe is infused with an artificial sweetener of one's choice and is coated with melted butter and fresh cinnamon garnish. Once baked, these mini donuts are a delicious alternative to a traditional dessert that is often filled with artificial ingredients and high in carb content.

This healthier alternative works with dietary restrictions and will satisfy cravings with way less calories.