Floresta's Sweet Donuts Are Health-Conscious and Super Cute

These sweet donuts by Floresta are probably just as delightful in appearance as they are in taste. In addition to being adorable, the series of ‘Nature Doughnuts’ are made from local ingredients with no additives or preservatives.

Although they offer a unique range of flavors, Floresta’s animal donuts are definitely some of the most visually-pleasing things on the menu. The rings of its donuts have been artfully transformed into animals, insects and reptiles, with each one seeming cuter than the last.

Although they already have quite a collection of adorable donuts, earlier this month Floresta held a contest asking people to draw a donut they'd like to see created and a super cute panda donut became a new addition to its assortment. Hopefully Floresta will not stop creating sweet donuts until it has a collection of animals that could rival any zoo.