- Jul 10, 2015
These delicious anime dishes are sure to bring out the cartoon fan in all foodies. Inspired by cult classics or featuring unheard of characters, these dishes make the magic of anime edible.

While Sailor Moon fans can enjoy cosmic kitty cupcakes, a latte lover may be more partial to a cup of colored pop culture coffee art. Each cup features a cup of coffee topped with a recognizable cartoon design. Pokemon is one of the most popular Japanese cartoons to ever air. For the die hard Pickachu fans, anime monster cookies, pancake and cheeseburgers are sure to satisfy while pixelated Eevee cookies make the perfect Pokemon confection.

These anime dishes also include Dragon Ball Z treats such as anime-themed cake pops which mirror the look of the seven dragon balls.

From Anime Monster Cookies to Nerdy Nutritional Loaves: