From Chocolate Espresso Smoothies to Chocolate-Filled Pancakes

 - Jul 7, 2015
Sometimes waking up to a sugar-infused chocolaty breakfast is just what you need to kick off your day. In honor of July 7 marking National Chocolate Day, why not try one of these deliciously sweet breakfast ideas?

There are many ways to enjoy a chocolaty breakfast and it doesn't always have to be super sugary. There are superfood pancake recipes that use cocoa and dark chocolate so you don't overload on calories. However, for those who aren't concerned with the daily sugar intake, maybe try the creamy cookie flapjack recipe for a dessert-like breakfast treat.

Whether grabbing a quick chocolate-glazed donut or recreating an extravagant coconut french toast recipe loaded with milk chocolate, you can give into your cravings -- at least for one day.