Mister Donut's Savory Snack Doughnuts Come in Flavors Like Baked Potato

Doughnuts are typically thought of as being all-around sweet, from the glaze to the filling and any toppings that are added to them, but the savory snack doughnuts from Mister Donut in Japan are anything but ordinary.

The collection of 'Pon de Umaimon' doughnuts come in flower-shaped forms filled with eight different flavors. Some of the unusual offerings include savory flavors like buttered potato, pan-fried fish, edemame and malted rice. Instead of taking from fruity or any kind of sweet flavors, these doughnut varieties seem more like enjoying a heavy dinner meal.

The limited-edition collection from Mister Donut will be around until the end of December and they're definitely ones to try if you're in Japan.